Let's be  Better Humans

Where there’s thirst, there’s need. We reach out to our communities, our people, to bring fundamental basic life saving needs that everyone should have. We need your help, though. 

Basic Human Needs

It's been so long since i've had a real solid nights rest, i forgot what it felt like. It felt sooo Good! I think i slept the entire first night and all of the next day. Now I want to find a job, maybe Gardening or I'd really like to help others, but i think i need help with my resume first....and a shower,”


Irene "Smokie" McGee,

First Tiny House Resident

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Current Projects

My Tiny House Project LA

My Tiny House Project LA

  • Constructing Mobile Showers
  • Building Tiny Houses
  • Leasing Land and Properties
  • Food and Water Deliveries
  • Providing education and planning for Eco Friendly Sustainable Villages

The Lives We Impact


Man I've done some bad things in my life, and i've had to pay the price for that. But i've had many years to think about it, ya know? I watch and see what's happening to this neighborhood and it's all bad. There aren't enough mentors and people teaching these kids right from wrong and there isn't any opportunities for people to do and learn anything else. It's completely transformed the way i think about all of it and everything i've done in my life. I grew up here man. I grew up in this hood. I care about it. I want to help. I want to teach these kids that there is something else and a better way to live, and create opportunities for these kids to have a way out and a chance at life. but people don't respect me because i was living in a tent on the sidewalk. The first thing that gave me hope and a real chance, was getting my tiny house. It gave me some respect, dignity and a real night's rest which was the first step to getting my mind to work right.I really want to help here, ya know. It's my hood and I know I can make a difference, I just need to help myself first before i can help others, and now i can finally do that. ”


Kevin Green,

Sky Blue Tiny House Resident

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It’s important for all of us to come together to help communities in need. This list details a few of our recent initiatives that we need your participation in.

Caring for the less fortunate and helping people get the basic life saving necessities is not only the right and Moral thing to do, but it's fundamentally important to not only those who are desperately in need, but also to humanity itself and our future as a species. How we treat and care for those who are suffering and less fortunate determines what kind of society we are and how our future generations will act. There is no good future for anyone (even the super rich) if we teach hate, ignorance, selfishness and greed by ignoring those who are struggling or buried in poverty, or by making the situation worse for those who are simply just trying to live. The Impact is far greater than just that of the struggling person or family, and far greater than just a homeless person struggling to find a place to rest their head, It Impacts the entire world and quality of life for all people on the planet and the future generations of all of us. Unless we want to live in a world stricken with poverty, geed, injustice, crime and war, WE MUST find it in our hearts and our souls to be better Human Beings and take care of each other and find balance in who we are as people if we are to continue to grow and evolve into a world of wonder and envy and truly have peace and live in a beautiful place. if We Do NOT make this change now, and remember how to be good, kind and caring and work together, We will not progress, we will not learn and we will not be able to find the true happiness in life that we all seek. We will only continue to be slaves to our own Destruction".



Founder - Starting Human, MYTHPLA


Check out the MYTHPLA PROJECT. We are building Tiny Houses as a first step and a dignified bridge between the gutter and permanent housing. It's simply the right thing to do.

Community Support

Tiny House's for the Homeless and Humanitarian Aid in Los Angeles